In a world of pseudo science the personal development, life-coaching and self-help sector has fallen for many concepts and ideas that are built on poor foundations. Promising a life of happiness, wealth and success by simple belief.


Supposed guru's expound on popular myths and ignore the proven wisdom of histories philosophers and the increasing real understanding of human behaviour (psychology) explored over the last 100 years or so.

Undoubtedly those very attractive "quick fix" concepts appeal to us in particular when our life is in chaos, under pressure and our emotions are raw.

However, philospers, academics and psychologists don't always get it right  and with ongoing scientific studies of behaviour and neuroscience we are learning faster than ever before. Ideas and practice change with one of the greatest steps forward being that of Positive Psychology,


Before I go on Postive Psycholgy is not about going around with a stupid grin on your face, ignoring the real world we are in, but to focus on our personal strengths and behaviours that enable us to flourish in our world as it is today.


No doubt future learning and knowledge will be gained to help us better understand the world around us and to increase the understanding of ourselves - but for now let's explore how Positive Psycholgy can help you and to introduce you to the VIA Institute on Character.

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"Play to your strengths" is a mantra we so often hear but so few actually understand what they are or how they can affect our lives.

There are 24 character traits that we possess but which are your strongest at this time. You can find out here with this FREE survey provided by The VIA Institute on Character:

"When helping people to find ways forward in their lives I always work on finding the positives to develop and then how to manage any negatives - welcome to the world of "Positive Psychology". Ian Marshall

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The reality of life is that it can be hard. Issues with relationships, work, health and money worries cause real disappointment stress and sadness. But life can also be great, fantastic relationships, rewarding work, good health, and financially secure.