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You talk and I will listen

"I help people to change their lives and turn things round to the way they want them to be. From feeling unhappy,lost or demotivated to energised and enthusiastic about their future."


Typical scenario:


Growing a new future.....


Problem: A woman whose children have grown and gone to university and whose husband works away. Suddenly she finds herself alone for much of the week and frankly, unable to see a future role for herself A not uncommon situation.


She was swamped with frustration and a feeling of being unfulfilled, despite having a strong circle of friends.


Solution: I picked up on the fact that she had a love of gardening and garden design and encouraged her to follow that passion.


After redesigning her own garden, she took some courses in garden design and soon turned that passion into a garden design business, armed with the confidence given to her through my life coaching.


Contact Ian today; or 01962 809554

I believe that everyone deserves the chance to enjoy life to the full and not be held back. This can be in any aspect of your life – from relationships, to physical fitness to your career goals and aspirations.


Often you find that talking about issues with family, friends or colleagues it doesn’t help you as they have their own opinions and agendas. I provide a detached, objective and non-judgemental perspective.


Together we will look at where you are now, what you want to achieve, what is holding you back and, most importantly, how to overcome the obstacles to achieving your life goals.


I help you decide upon your priorities in life, including family, relationships and health, wealth, career and the future. I will give you the confidence to move forward and tackle the things that are frustrating you - helping you "Bring your life to your LIFE"

I created the mejma® experience programmes to help you at a time in your life when you need to make some important decisions on your future; to find happiness, your dreams, your purpose, and the life that you really want.

For people seeking one to one support when searching for a new future. Time to reflect and understand where you are now, your thoughts and feelings and then to invest time and thought into exploring what you really want in the future, your happiness.

This is your opportunity to create "your personal" programme of help, support and guidance designed around you to help "bring your life to life."

This programme is for people wanting more out of life through a better understanding of our emotions and how we think and learn. This helps us avoid the negative feelings that bring us down and how to find more happiness in just being ourselves. A great place to start when thinking of what you really want......

This programme aimed at those maybe wanting a new career or to start their own business.You may need to clarify goals and explore and find new pathways to achieve your dreams. It is focused on your motivations and what may be stopping you from getting the goals you desire.....

Getting Started; I know that for many people making that first contact, that first conversation takes a lot of courage. Who is Ian, can I trust him, will he be able to help me? Importantly our initial contact is to outline your concerns and from there we can explore how we may move forward and  agree our mutual commitment.


How we work together depends on you. Phone, email or face to face meetings - whatever works for you and in many cases it is a mix. For more information.

Through your own personal development programmes you can explore and build your current and future life through better understanding of who you are and what influences your life. To find what it is that you want to achieve and to create the pathway to your future happiness and success.

When I designed these programmes I knew that these are at best a guide, a structured pathway to follow whilst we explore your thoughts, feelings and dreams. I use my knowledge and experience to introduce other concepts and ideas to support you in your journey.

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Finding Happiness

Achieve Your Dreams

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“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.” 

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Time For Reflection

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Welcome to Ian Marshall’s mejma® experience

Your purpose, dreams, your life goals must be:


~ MEJMA® ~


Meaningful – having real importance and purpose

Emotional – creating the feelings that support beliefs and values

Justifiable – the investment in time and effort reflects the benefit

Motivational – the driver to take action

Altruistic – a concern for the welfare of others